The Operator role is for you if you would like to control multiple sites. If you would like to integrate via OCPP, you also need to become an operator.

By becoming an operator you have the chance to offer your customers all of your awesome features such as smart charging or flexible tariffs, as you are able control all of your sites remotely. This means that you are able to start/stop charging, control the dynamic currents, change settings, read the consumption and much more.

However, with great power comes great responsibility, as it is now your task to create a wonderful customer experience.


You have two options to integrate with Easee as an operator. Either you completely manage everything via your own or a third-party backend or you use a hybrid model between your service and the Easee Cloud Portal and App. This setting can be changed at any point.

In both scenarios the communication from the charger is routed to your service via the Easee Cloud.

Option 1: Auth handled by back office

Whether you are a CPO or an eMSP when you set authorisation required to true, you must handle everything from user management to authorisation of charge sessions via your own or a third-party backend.

If you want your customers to only use your app, this model is for you. Users will not be able to change any settings via the Easee app. In general, the Easee app and the Cloud Portal will not be needed and your customers don’t need to have an Easee account.

Option 2: Hybrid Model

Optionally, you can offer your users both the Easee App and your app for added functionality.

In this model, the users can use the Easee App and the Easee Cloud Portal for some of the functions. You will also be able to manage all of your users, sites and chargers as an administrator of your company.

However, it will not be possible for the users to add schedules via the Easee app. Scheduling is disabled, as we expect this feature to be implemented by your service.

Are you ready for this?

If you would like to become an operator click the link below:

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