In the previous implementation, FreeCharging was only performing properly for online transactions. Now, in offline transactions, we will detect that a car has connected and so simulate an RFID scan. Currently, FreeCharging allows chargers with the correct configuration to charge without actively authorizing themselves every time they want to charge, with or without an internet connection.

There are 2 custom configuration keys(both in lower case) which need to be set:

  1. freecharging
    freecharging feature is set to true
  • This will automatically also change the AuthorizationRequired setting (ExternalAuthorizationRequired) to false, as this is required for free charging to work in this new implementation.


Manually changing ExternalAuthorizationRequired to true will turn free charging off

  1. rfidtagfreecharging
    rfidtagfreecharging is set
  • 5-20char long string
[2,\"7b794086-3a5c-473c-8366-ece00023f940\",\"ChangeConfiguration\",{\"key\":\"rfidtagfreecharging\",\"value\":\"<charging key>\"}]

If freecharging is set to true, and the rfidtagfreecharging has a value, then the charger will begin charging when a car is connected. This occurs without explicit authorization, and the value set for rfidtagfreecharging is attached to the charging session as its idtoken.


-Firmware 300 and higher