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I need an account now!

If you already know what integrations are all about and need to move fast, please click the link below. If you require more information please continue reading below.

Ready to Integrate (fast track)

What is an integration?

An integration is a direct link into the Easee Cloud that allows you to take control of a device via digital means. It comes along once you have got a device installed and you want to do something more than just charge your EV.

We understand that not all of our partner or end users are new to EV charging and therefore, might not need an explanation but rather a fast track to getting going. However, we also know that some partners or end users are in fact new and would like to have some background before getting started with an integration.

If you think you would like an integration you will need to decide how you are going to integrate and that means choosing an account type.

What kind of account do I need?

To work out if you are in need of a partner account or an site owner account you need to decide whether you want to only control your own private chargers (eg: home owner or small business) or whether you want to offer your service to other end users for things like smart charging or access control (eg: Charge Point Operator).

Home/Small Business (Site Owner)

A Home/Small Business owner account allows control of privately owned chargers using Easee's public API without the need to create a partner integration. The API endpoints can be found by visiting the below link
API Endpoints


  • The Easee Cloud Platform will gain access to all Easee products the user has access to.
  • Partners can not use this type of integration (Easee Public API) in a commercial aspect.
  • Partners can not monetize on users using this type of integration.
  • Partners can not monetize on third parties this type of integration.
  • Easee may limit data traffic or the amount of "calls" for a product/endpoint.
  • Easee may limit data on cellular connection.
  • Functionality is limited to what a single user/owner can do.


  • Developers making an integration takes full responsibility for the behaviour of the integration and possible damages that might occur.
  • Developers using this API are responsible for ensuring that the users credentials like username, password and other sensitive information is stored in a proper manner.
  • Developers using this API are responsible for informing users how they use and store the user data.


Please note: A Home/Small business (Site Owner) integration does not allow a service, other site owners or users to access these features and are containerised to the sites you have access to.


The operator is a concept whereby your integration can function like that of a site owner’s but also can be offered to multiple other site owners.


At Easee we believe partners form a relationship with us and we want that relationship to be a win win for both Easee and you as a partner. Therefore, we would like to lay out a few responsibilities.

As a partner:

  • You are in charge of the integration and take full responsibility for control methods through the Easee Cloud Platform and possible damages that may occur.
  • Acknowledge that chargers are managed by their unique ID (serial number) and not by a customer identity.
  • You must have your own system for managing your customer database, RFID keys etc.
  • Acknowledge that functionality offered by you may differ from functionality offered by Easee.

As Easee:

  • We will guarantee to keep the Easee Cloud Platform up and running to the best of our abilities.
  • We will provide support to you as a partner when you first get started, but expect you to take ownership of your product at the end of the day.