OCPP 1.7.4

  • Improved resource management for WebSocket connections by disposing a connection before creating a new one. (2023-11-06)
  • Improved the transaction retry mechanism by removing duplicate checks and by starting timeout count down after message is sent via WebSocket. Previously, transactional messages timed-out and retried after a fixed period of 2 minutes. Then, the value of TransactionMessageRetryInterval from configuration was used to determine timeout. With this improvement, only the values of TransactionMessageRetryInterval and TransactionMessageAttempts are used for retries. (2023-11-06)
  • Added retry mechanism to offline transactions. (2023-11-06)
  • Removed bounce back delay on chargers going online. Charger will be displayed as online within few minutes upon establishing successful WebSocket connection. Previously, there was a delay of 15 minutes or more. (2024-03-05)

Refresh Token Handling

To cover a potential security issue, we are updating our authentication/authorization services to correctly handle refresh tokens.
This change, will likely cause issues with integrations that have cached refresh tokens.
Because this is an area that can be exploited we urge any integration operator/partner using our APIs to use standard practice and request a new refresh token, and implement fall back logic if they fail to obtain valid tokens.


OCPP 1.7.3


OCPP 1.7.2


OCPP 1.7.1


SignalR URI Change

SignalR URI Change.

OCPP 1.7.0


OCPP 1.6


OCPP 1.5


OCPP version 1.5 requires firmware ≥276 to function properly

Free charging requires firmware ≥300

OCPP 1.4