OCPP 1.7.3


  • Added support for RegistrationStatus types Pending and Rejected on BootNotification confirmation (2023-05-25)
  • Fixed residual OCPP configurations for chargers that have moved from one operator to another. When operator pairing events are received, we will clear OCPP configuration and wait to receive a new set (2023-06-28)
  • Fixed BootNotification retry mechanisms for chargers that have not being previously accepted by the servers. (2023-08-04)
    • More details: Previously the same BootNotification message could be sent several times, with this fix a new one is sent with increased timeout from 1 minute to 3 minutes
  • Fixed concurrent offline charging session handling. Charging session (start/stop) events arriving with the same timestamps will be added to an offline buffer and handled appropriately (2023-08-07)
    • More details: Sometimes start and stop charging sessions arrive from the charger with the same timestamp. This has ended up sending two StartTransaction requests for the same session. With this fix, we wait a bit before sending a StartTransaction request to give central system more time to reply.