OCPP 1.7.4

  • Improved resource management for WebSocket connections by disposing a connection before creating a new one. (2023-11-06)
  • Improved the transaction retry mechanism by removing duplicate checks and by starting timeout count down after message is sent via WebSocket. Previously, transactional messages timed-out and retried after a fixed period of 2 minutes. Then, the value of TransactionMessageRetryInterval from configuration was used to determine timeout. With this improvement, only the values of TransactionMessageRetryInterval and TransactionMessageAttempts are used for retries. (2023-11-06)
  • Added retry mechanism to offline transactions. (2023-11-06)
  • Removed bounce back delay on chargers going online. Charger will be displayed as online within few minutes upon establishing successful WebSocket connection. Previously, there was a delay of 15 minutes or more. (2024-03-05)