Connecting to AMQP

Accessing your AMQP service

Connection details

You can obtain connection details by calling our AMQP v2 streams endpoint:

This will provide the details you need to connect via AMQP.

This will only work if you call it with a Bearer token based on your integration account. Here is an example request and response to the AMQP v2 streams endpoint.

If a normal Easee account is used (Not an integrated partner account), it will fail a check that looks to use an integration account.


Authorization: Bearer amQpsErverCredsAuthB..

Use an appropriate Bearer token authorized using your integration credentials


  "server": "<amqp-uri>",
  "port": 5671,
  "useSsl": true,
  "virtualHost": "/",
  "queueName": "Operator_<id>.Q",
  "exchangeName": "Operator_<id>.C.X",
  "username": "<user>",
  "password": "<pass>"


Once connected, your consumer application subscribed to the AMQP service will see observations from the charger.

All observations include a custom header ArrivalTime which can be used for monitoring latency. The ArrivalTime is a timestamp pointing to the time the message arrived in the cloud from the device.

List of available observations

21DetectedPowerGridTypeDetected power grid type according to PowerGridType table [boot] [Integer]
22CircuitMaxCurrentP1Set circuit maximum current [Amperes] [Double]
23CircuitMaxCurrentP2Set circuit maximum current [Amperes] [Double]
24CircuitMaxCurrentP3Set circuit maximum current [Amperes] [Double]
30LockCablePermanentlyLock type2 cable permanently [Boolean]
31IsEnabledSet true to enable charger, false disables charger [Boolean]
44SmartButtonEnabledSmart button is enabled [Boolean]
46LEDModeCharger LED mode [event] [Integer]
47MaxChargerCurrentMax current this charger is allowed to offer to car (A). Non volatile. [Double]
48DynamicChargerCurrentMax current this charger is allowed to offer to car (A). Volatile [Double]
50MaxCurrentOfflineFallback_P1Maximum circuit current P1 when offline [event] [Integer]
51MaxCurrentOfflineFallback_P2Maximum circuit current P2 when offline [event] [Integer]
52MaxCurrentOfflineFallback_P3Maximum circuit current P3 when offline [event] [Integer]
80SoftwareReleaseEmbedded software package release id [boot] [Integer]
89RebootReasonReason of reboot. Bitmask of flags. [Integer]
96ReasonForNoCurrentEnum describing why a charger with a car connected is not offering current to the car [Integer]
102SmartChargingSmart charging state enabled by capacitive touch button [event] [Boolean]
103CableLockedCable lock state [event] [Boolean]
104CableRatingCable rating read [Amperes][event] [Integer]
108UserIDTokenReversedUser ID token string from RFID reading [event](NB! Must reverse these strings) [String]
109ChargerOpModeCharger operation mode()according to charger mode table [event] [Integer]
110OutputPhaseActive output phase(s) to EV according to output phase type table. [event] [Integer]
111DynamicCircuitCurrentP1Dynamically set circuit maximum current for phase 1 [Amperes][event] [Double]
112DynamicCircuitCurrentP2Dynamically set circuit maximum current for phase 2 [Amperes][event] [Double]
113DynamicCircuitCurrentP3Dynamically set circuit maximum current for phase 3 [Amperes][event] [Double]
120TotalPowerTotal power [kW][telemetry] [Double]
121SessionEnergySession accumulated energy [kWh][telemetry] [Double]
122EnergyPerHourAccumulated energy per hour [kWh][event] [Double]
124LifetimeEnergyAccumulated energy in the lifetime of the charger [kWh] [Double]
128UserIDTokenUser ID token string from RFID reading [event] [String]
130CellRSSICellular signal strength [dBm][telemetry] [Integer]
132WiFiRSSIWiFi signal strength [dBm][telemetry] [Integer]
141ChargerRATRadio access technology in use: 0 = cellular, 1 = wifi [Integer]
146LocalNodeType0-Unconfigured, 1-Master, 2-Extender, 3-End device [Integer]
150TempMaxMaximum temperature for all sensors [Celsius][telemetry] [Integer]
182InCurrent_T2Calculated current RMS for input T2 [Amperes][telemetry] [Double]
183InCurrent_T3Current RMS for input T3 [Amperes][telemetry] [Double]
184InCurrent_T4Current RMS for input T4 [Amperes][telemetry] [Double]
185InCurrent_T5Current RMS for input T5 [Amperes][telemetry] [Double]
190InVolt_T1_T2Input voltage RMS between T1 and T2 [Volt][telemetry] [Double]
191InVolt_T1_T3Input voltage RMS between T1 and T3 [Volt][telemetry] [Double]
192InVolt_T1_T4Input voltage RMS between T1 and T4 [Volt][telemetry] [Double]
193InVolt_T1_T5Input voltage RMS between T1 and T5 [Volt][telemetry] [Double]
194InVolt_T2_T3Input voltage RMS between T2 and T3 [Volt][telemetry] [Double]
195InVolt_T2_T4Input voltage RMS between T2 and T4 [Volt][telemetry] [Double]
196InVolt_T2_T5Input voltage RMS between T2 and T5 [Volt][telemetry] [Double]
250ConnectedToCloudDevice is connected to AWS [Boolean]
251CloudDisconnectReasonAWS DisconnectReason [String]

What’s Next

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