The current allocated to a charger is limited both at the circuit level and at the charger level.

Circuit current is the current available to be shared between all the chargers connected to the circuit. On a 3-phase installation, each phase have its own limit, and the limits can be different from phase to phase. It is also possible to set one or two phases to 0.
Circuit current can only be read/set by accessing the master on the circuit. Setting or reading these values on a slave is not valid.


All values without dynamic should not be changed too frequently, as it will wear out the FLASH.

Thus all values without dynamic are intended to be used manually by the user, not by an automated system.


  • When a charger is restarted, all dynamic values will be reset.
  • The lowest current value in the charger is the one the charger will use.

Circuit Level Current


Minimum Current

If the current is lower than 6.0A, the car will not be able to charge. Some cars like Renault Zoe requires minimum 7.0A

Max Circuit Current

Static maximum current of each phase can be set by setting the Circuit Settings maxCircuitCurrentP1, maxCircuitCurrentP2 and maxCircuitCurrentP3.

These values can be changed from the Wifi interface.


Do not set Max Circuit Current automatically using the API as it will wear out the FLASH.

Offline Max Circuit Current

Offline Max Circuit Current is the current the charger (master) will use if it looses connection with the Easee cloud. This can be set by setting the Circuit Settings offlineMaxCircuitCurrentP1, offlineMaxCircuitCurrentP2, offlineMaxCircuitCurrentP3.

When doing load-balancing over the cloud, it's recommended to set these currents to a value that will not trip the main fuse without load-balancing.

Charger Level Current

Charger Current

Charger Current is the current on each charger and can set by setting the Charger Setting dynamicChargerCurrent.


Charger Current is reset after plugging in a car or rebooting the charger. Some cars might get upset if the current is changed too frequently.

Charger Current Offline Limit

Fallback current of a charger when it's offline can be set by setting the Charger Settings maxCurrentOfflineFallback_P1, maxCurrentOfflineFallback_P2, maxCurrentOfflineFallback_P3.


Offline Charger

A charger is offline when the charger is not able to connect to MQTT.

Charger Output Current

Output Current is the current the charger is able to deliver to the car. Can not be changed using the API. The car is informed about this value over the PWM signal in the pilot wire.

Settings: outputCurrent

Max Charger Current

Max Charger Current can be set by setting the Charger Setting maxChargerCurrent.


Installer Only

Max Charger Current should only be changed by installers.