Firmware updates

Firmware Version

If for some reason you as a partner wish to have your own internal verification flow for new Easee FW releases this field is informative and will prevent Easee systems from actively pushing Firmware updates to partners before partners are ready.

Normally this is a process entirely controlled by Easee, but given the complex nature of some integrations partners will be given extra time to verify that new releases do not break existing functionality. This field is controlled in dialogue with Easee, and general policy is that all partners are given maximum 3 weeks after a new firmware release to do their own integration tests before Easee starts actively pushing the new release.

The relative short time period here is a requirement from Easee to minimize the fragmentation in firmware releases, and the need to actively support older firmware. Since Easee supports delta OTA and constantly strives to upgrade charger capabilities through firmware updates, we think its in the customers best interest to receive updates quickly after release announcements on social media etc.

Default: controlled by Easee