AMQP service

Capabilities and pricing


AMQP stands for Advanced Message Queuing Protocol. It is an open standard for passing messages between applications or organisations. Easee supports a publish/subscribe setup, allowing you to consume messages as well as send commands to devices like our chargers.

Through the AMQP service we offer live data from devices, low latency on commands for current control, phase control and start/stop charging, and works seamlessly over any connection (WiFi or cellular networks like 4G).

All this can be used for:

✅ Real-Time Monitoring

✅ Load Balancing

✅ Demand Response (FCR)

✅ Surplus Charging

✅ Energy Management

Tiers and pricing

We are dedicated to fostering the growth of your operation and have devised a progressive pathway that becomes increasingly cost-effective as your business expands.
It is free to start and once an operation is sizeable, the tiered prices in the table below are applicable.

Price PlanDevice LimitPrice per Device / monthDiscount
Free500,00 €
Tier 15001,80 €
Tier 210001,50 €16 %
Tier 350001,30 €27 %
Custom5000+1,10 €39 %

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via [email protected], or if you are ready to go, sign up here🚀


How do I know how much I will be charged?

  • We simply count the number of devices that appear on the AMQP service per month and that will give us the tier you are on, and the price per device per month.

How is billing handled?

  • We will generate an invoice for your convenience. The payment terms, usually set at a 30-day payment period, are agreed upon during the establishment of the service.

What is the contract term?

  • Our contracts by default are 30-day rolling with 30 days' notice for cancellation.

Can I make an upfront payment?

  • Certainly! We strive to streamline administrative processes and are open to various forms of commitment. For instance, opting for an annual commitment and providing a projected number of devices on the service will grant you access to the corresponding tier. If you are currently on Tier 1 but anticipate moving to Tier 3 within a year, please reach out to us, and we can secure a fixed price for Tier 3. While you will continue to be billed based on the number of devices on the service, the rate will align with the commitment tier you have chosen.

We prioritise achieving sub-second latency. Is that available?

  • We encourage you to reach out to us for further details. While we cannot guarantee sub-second latency during control of our devices over AMQP, many operators currently experience exceptional performance on our service. Achieving sub-second latency is an area of focus for us and will be available as an add-on later.

What’s Next

Check list for getting started is next.